Fresh Meat

Welcome to FRESH MEAT! Fresh Meat has one main goal, to make the process of designing for a brand easier and more involving. Continuing with our artists’ led designing we have launched FRESH MEAT!FRESH MEAT is aimed at pushing decisions into the hands of the people that design and you the public that buy it. It’s your brand! This opens opportunities for the best design and we hope it will mean we can make you a part of the cult.

We currently hand commission all the artists you have seen on our artists’ page, and will continue to do so. But the new FRESH MEAT page is for EVERYONE.

Send us your design (following all the guidelines) and we will then add it to our website. You will have 5 weeks from the opening of the subject to get your designs in (exact times will be explained). Then it’s down to the public.

Get all your friends, promote to death and spread the design everywhere. The voting will last for 3 weeks and then the top 3 voted designs will be thoroughly looked over. The design that has hit the brief set by us, which we think is strong enough, will go straight to print. At this point you will receive the artist’s fee, a care package and more importantly you will be added to our RSI artists’ page where you will have a full profile made.

This is a fantastic way to see all your incredible work!

Head to our guidelines for more information about what we expect and what we need from you. Above are the current FRESH MEAT themes now waiting for your creativity.

Happy designing, and we look forward to adding you to our team of artists that make RSI the success it is.