“Go to sleep… that’s right, put down the blanket and fork, go use the restroom and go back to sleep.” says my mother to my 8 year old self, while spotted wandering down the hallway of my childhood home.

Since a young age I have walked and talked in my sleep. not only creeping out my family but many people I have met along the way, with my sleep ramblings and wanderings, its only natural (to me) that the monicker Sleepspeak, not only works, but has stuck… I have worked in the graphic arts professionally for about five years, my area of focus has always been t-shirt graphics. so the fact that everyday I get to work on a huge variety of music based merchandise, is a dream come true (however stressful and time consuming).

It’s a perfect fit, and I couldn’t be happier with it. All bullshit aside, if I have learned anything about this world, it’s being flexible and never turning down the opportunity to try something new and completely out of your comfort zone. I learned VERY quickly, that it’s the only way to not only survive, but thrive, whether it’s working for someone, or for yourself.

Whatever you do, do it with the best of intentions and your greatest effort and you can’t go wrong! “Make haste Slowly.” -Augustus Caesar


Copic Multiliner Pens // Mechanical pencils lying around for sketching // Prismacolor pencils // Photoshop // Illustrator // Screen-printing equipment.