Paul Jackson was birthed and raised in Burgess Hill, in the heart (west) of Sussex, uk in May 1981.

Key personality traits include a mild form of OCD that makes him think of death too much and how far his pint should be from the edge of the table. He also has Misophobia which is a phobia of eating sounds, – this causes his blood to boil and an uncontrollable urge to murder, he controls this by being alone and drawing.

Jackson has a degree in visual communication and a massive loan. This all occurred in Kent.

He has been a freelance artist for about 8 years, before that he was fooling around in bands playing music and beginning a art and music relationship that would lead him on a wild goose chase around the planet, bleeding on drum kits and drawing album covers.

He is inspired by most animals, MC Esher, Ashley Wood, Aaron Horkey, Albrecht Dürer, Space, the female form, coffee, Pocket Knifes, Expensive Glasses, Silver rings, technology and smashing up drums.

Notable clients include, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Gaslight Anthem, Prodigy, Biffy Clyro, Soundgarden, Placebo, BMTH, Architects, Young Guns, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Hurley, Thehundreds, Drop Dead, Front Magazine and many many more.


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