I realised my studies in Fine Arts in Toulouse . This is not where I learned to draw ! I gained most of my drawing skills during mathematics lessons:) In fact I’ve always drawn, this probably comes from my mother who is a drawing teacher. Drawing led me to create my own graphic design studio.

I do graphic design for many customers but after some time, I had a need to express my own art. Without constraints. Most of the time, the creation is destroyed by clients who have partial vision and do not know the work involved. Regardless, now I draw and I take my time. It gives me a feeling of freedom. This is why I choose my clients based on the freedom they offer. It is a story of trust. The money is secondary because I earn my living through design.

I developed a new identity, DZO. In the last two years this character has only existed in my art. I avoid giving parasites informations about myself. What is important to know:

I am an environmentalist and esotericist.
I am convinced that we are all connected and interdependent. this is called systemic thought. So I study the symbols and their psychological impact (comments on my art facilitate this study)
I like to create works chaotic and structured at the same time
I am interested in the origin of human ideas and ancient philosophies
I love to explore and mix styles . This avoids being classified 🙂

These parameters are those that I often reveals through my art, and these are those who open my conscience. My keys.Carpediem.


Brain // Hand // Pencil and Ink pens. Sometimes, i use my wacom Cintiq for graphic refining or vectorization. Then i use Painter // Photoshop and Coreldraw

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