Hello! Im Michael Steinheiser AKA Adventure Skull!

Ever since I can remember I have been a compulsive doodler, and I was always drawn to the weirder more violent subject matter. I was born in the suburbs outside of Chicago, USA, and homeschooled till high school. My scope of inspiration was relatively limited before going to school as we didn’t watch tv when I was young or play video games till I was a little older, but I still managed to draw really weird violent scenes! I had a character named “bob” with overly huge muscles and I would attempt to illustrate as many weapons on his back as I could fit in the picture!

I got a little better over the years and started my own clothing line called Wake The Dead Clothing, and had amassed a small following on Facebook. Everything sorta snow balled from there and I got one client after another and after finishing high school and going to College Of Lake County I had a nice long list of people I was making things for.

Trying to juggle school and work became increasingly difficult so after only a few semesters I dropped out to pursue art full time. And now here we are! 5 years later! I still feel like I have no describable style, Im always trying to grow and experiment with new things with my art. Maybe one day ill settle down but until then ill enjoy the ride! Hoping to start tattooing soon as well.


Anything I can get my hands on, but mostly pens and my computer.

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