JayPee is a British artist currently living in the north of England, in the city of Leeds. Jay creates graphic art with a strong emphasis on line quality, form and composition. The work he creates is often a blend of weird, bizarre and some say paradoxically cute. A large amount of the work he creates finds its final form in vector artwork, but more and more so recently, this is translating onto physical surfaces, such as found matter and murals.

Jays interests lie in Entropy, Wabi Sabi and weirdness. In the coming years, Jay is working towards becoming a self published artist and sculptor, as his interests in documentary and 3 dimensional art grow, this will no doubt feed into his work.

Alongside creating artwork and character design, Jay works as a self employed Illustrator and art director for brands, musicians and institutions. Over the past three years Jay has acquired a comprehensive client list and portfolio.


Spectrum noir markers, Pentel brush pen, Wacom pen tablet and Macbook pro ! and a cigarette