Elif Varol Ergen is a visual artist, contemporary illustrator and instructor from Turkey. Her art mainly focused on parent-child relationship, sex discrimination, women’s rights, feminism and human psychology. The characters in her works can be outlined as uncanny, spooky and strange infants with pale faces, sharp teeth and shadows. There were heavy dose grotesque in the images, severe form deformations, sagging and melting forms merge and blend with intensive contrasts in red and black.

She illustrates a strong and independent female characters and move away from all kind of definitions and identities of women in her artwork. She uses mostly “witch and wicca” metaphors for her rebellion ladies whose behaviours totally against the common thoughts and belief of society. These wiccas are ‘the proud bad girls’, ‘rebels’ and ‘warriors’ who do the same mistakes every single time with pleasure. 

She usually uses digital media, digital imaging and CNC-machined productions also sometimes combines traditional media such as acrylic, ink, silkscreening for the artworks.