Chris “Mad Man” McAlister spends his time as a freelance illustrator as well as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie in Jacksonville, Florida.

His work runs the gamut from clean detailed inks to large painterly murals and everything in-between. He’s been hashing away at some form of art ever since he could lift a pencil. This Mad Man’s continual drive to progress and constantly work even when there isn’t a client to work for keeps him looking for fresh ways to hone his skills.

Chris started freelancing in high school under “McAlister Art and Design” to which his teacher asked if he was “MAD”. The accidental moniker caught on with friends and classmates because he had “mad skills” and the rest is history.

He went on to pursue art in college and dove into working as a graphic designer for newspapers while getting his degree but has since focused on traditional mediums due to his love of the tactile aspects of art.

Chris is available for any traditional and digital commissions.


Traditional Dip Pens // Oils and Acrylics // Watercolours // Photoshop // Illustrator // Aerosols