Since he could lift a pencil, art has always been a prominent part in the life of Albert F. Montoya. Growing up in Yuma, Arizona, Albert spent his childhood preferably solo where he mastered the art of precise coloring within the lines and even created his own daily comic strip which he would draw and distribute to friends and family members.

Present day, Albert’s pieces showcase his exploration of new themes and current events. He is constantly evolving, but as of late his inspiration comes from everything and anything including the zombies, robots, & alchemy— all which melt together creating a whimsical and bittersweet fairy tale adventure.

He is also a web designer and owner for his web company montoyamedia, and is a musician and vocalist for several personal side projects.

He is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada with his family where he has become a prominent part of the Las Vegas art community, showcasing his work at several venues and group shows held during the city art festival “First Friday.”


Pental // Calligraphy Nib 102 // Inks

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